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September 13 2016

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Alexapure Breeze Features And Benefits

Alexapure Breeze is simply the most advanced air purifier on the market. An immediate proof of this is that it is the easiest to operate. Once the machine is turned on, it starts to do its work in the background. 

At 16dB on silent mode, it is the quietest purifier ever invented by man even as it covers up to 800 square feet. With this almost noise-free performance, the user will not even know that it's there and peacefully doing its job. Other such machines in comparison, make such a big deal by creating a big noise as if to tell the whole world that it is working on the air.

But not the Alexapure Breeze.  It is a silent worker that has many more unsung features to prove its worth. Another such feature is the existence of four instead of one or two filters. While it is easy to say that this approach is overdoing the whole thing, there is a purpose for venturing too far where no air purifier has gone before. 

Every filter in the equation serves a distinct purpose. The first and the most basic one is meant to trap large particles like hair and solidified dust. The second filter is an activated carbon filter, so named because it traps organic particles, airborne chemicals, and odors. 

The third filter to stand in the gap is catapulted to catch particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. This filter unmasks the Alexapure Breeze's true hepa filter advantage. But wait, there's one more filter left to cover, and this one sure sets this machine apart from the rest of its class.

The IonCluster filter has a Star-Wars-like function. It's a defensive shield that shoots down harmful microbes before they even make their way into human nasal passages. It is also a kind of Death Star that brings doom to bacteria and viruses alike.

Take note, the Alexapure Breeze appliance not only kills bacteria but viruses, as well. Surely, there is no more proactive way of dealing with these harmful microorganisms. And so for those people who still think that all an air purifier can do is to get rid of dust, smoke, and allergy-causing pollen in the air, the word is out.

Having the most advanced air cleaner is so much like having a physician around the house 24/7. Why this air purifier sure knows how to stop the source of the cold or the flu before it can do any damage. All the user has to do is turn on the machine.
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